Children's Holiday Activities in Morbihan, Brittany

We all need a little extra information when we travel with children. They will surely love the beautiful beaches of Morbihan and touring the stunning town of Vannes and small city of Rochefort-en-terre with mum and dad, but after so many days visiting tourist attractions, they will ask to go somewhere fun ... Well, in Morbihan, you can impress your kids with a visit of the "La Thalassa Vessel", a former oceanology research ship, now moored in Lorient, or take them to adventure themselves on one of the many Nature Adventure parks. Younger children will be amazed to see dinosaurs in "real size" at the Jurassic Park in Malansac and if the weather gets bad and rainy, you can also find shelter at the Aquarium du Golfe in Vannes, always a favourite with toddlers.

To check the whole list of children's activities across the Morbihan department, have a look at the map below with coloured coded markers to help you identify easily each venue. You will find the respective full address and website link if you scroll further down this page. To return to the main family attractions page for the Brittany region, follow this link.

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BEWARE: The map above might be slow to download.


D - Odyssaum, Wild Salmon Discovery Centre
Moulin des Princes, PONT-SCORFF (near Lorient), MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 32 42 00
Visit the website

E - Aquarium du Golfe
21 Rue Daniel Gilard - 56000 Vannes, MORBIHAN
Visit the website

Adventure Parks

D - Camors Adventure Forest
Site du Petit Bois, Camors, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 39 28 69
Visit the website
Adult and children's park with area for 2 to 6 years old

E - Les Parcs d'Aventure Forêt Adrénaline
Route du Hanon, CARNAC, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 908 400 20
Visit the website
from 5 years old and above

F - Coetarlann Aventures
Trévineuc, 56130 Nivillac, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 99 90 97 03
Visit the website
from 7 years old and above

H - Aventure Parc Quelneuc
Le Bois Pierre, 56910 Quelneuc, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 99 93 78 78
No Website
from 7 years old and above

Animal Parks & Zoos

D - Parc de Branféré
LE GUERNO, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 42 94 66
Visit the website

LE STEROU - 56320 PRIZIAC, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 34 63 84
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Water Fun Parks and Leisure Parks

Surprisingly, we could not identify any in the area but check Kids activities in Finistère for the nearest places.


G - Miniature Harbour - Port miniature
Base de Loisirs Etang d'Aleth, 56 SAINT-MALO-DE-BEIGNON, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 22 50 74
Visit the website

H - Jurassic Park - Parc de Préhistoire de Bretagne
56220 Malansac, MORBIHAN, Phone +33 (0) 2 97 43 34 17
Visit the website

I - Oceanology Discovery Vessel - La Thalassa
Boulevard adolphe pierre, 56100 Lorient, MORBIHAN
Visit the website

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