What's On in Brittany - Bretagne (France)

Brittany hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year ranging from music, dance, folk to religious processions in full traditional Breton costumes.
We gather here information on all the major events as to help you plan your holidays but we also strongly recommend that upon arrival at your holiday destination, you visit the local tourist office. They always hold free local events guides of car boot sales, local fêtes, small concerts, market dates, etc.

Feel free to bookmark this page as we will keep updating the season as dates and more events are being announced.
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Between now and April, it is all very quiet on the front of major festivals but still plenty of local events so do check your local tourist office for full details.

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20 MAY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Tréguier, Grand Pardon de Saint-Yves
10,000 pilgrims expected, Mass at 10am followed by the procession towards Minihy-Tréguier, Vespers at 3pm

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3 JUNE 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Saint-Brieuc, EMVOD, traditional Children's Breton dance departmental competition

24-27 JUNE 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Saint-Brieuc, ART ROCK 2012, music festival

unconfirmed JUNE 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Jazz Festival in Gomené

29-30 JUIN 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE - Nort-sur-Erdre, La Nuit de l'Erdre (Rock music Festival)

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JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Erquy, Les Mercredis Celtiques, Open-air celtic music concerts in town every Wednesday evening during the summer

2-4 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Guissény, "FEST BRO PAGAN", Festival of traditional breton folklore with dance, music, concerts, theatre, gastronomy and more.

2-7 JULY 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Rennes, Tombées de la Nuit (Music and theatre festival)

7-8 JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Tréguier, Fête de la Bière Bretonne, Breton Beer festival. Come, taste and vote for the best beer from local breweries and enjoy local music groups at the same time.

2-10 JULY 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Saint-Malo, Festival Folklores du Monde, festival of traditional songs, music and folklore dance from all over the world - a great colourful and cultural festival to start the holiday season.

7-8 JULY 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE - La Baule-Escoublac, Fête du Pays Blanc (traditional breton festival)

12-16 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Pont-L'Abbé, Fête des Brodeuses (traditional breton festival)

unconfirmed JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Pontivy, Festival des Traditions Populaires (Traditions Festival)

11-15 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Landerneau - (Traditional Music Festival) Festival Kann Al Loar

unconfirmed JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Nostang near Lorient, Percussions du Monde, (drums related music festival), www.percussionsdumonde.org

2nd Sunday JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Locronan - Pardon of Troménie

20 JULY - 17 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Belle-Île-en-Mer, Lyrique-en-mer
Full programme available at www.belle-ile.org

19-22 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Carhaix, Major music festival - Les Vieilles Charrues

22 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Fouesnant, Fête des Pommiers (Cider Festival, mix of gastronomy, dance, singing and music)

22 JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Paimpol, Fête des Islandais (Icelanders Festival)

21-22 JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Dinan, Fête des Remparts (major medieval festival in the streets of Dinan)

24-29 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Quimper, Festival de Cornouaille (Big Celtic festival)

25-26 JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Saint-Anne d'Auray, Pardon de Saint-Anne

4th Sunday JULY 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Romagné, Grand pardon de Sainte-Anne

4th Sunday JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Le Vieux-Marché, Pilgrimage Ismalo-Chrétien

26-31 JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Sarzeau, Fête Celtique en Pays de Rhuys (Rhuys country land Celtic Festival)

26 JULY- 5 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE- from Trébeurden to Île of Batz - Tango par la Côte - Coastal Tango Dance Festival - starts in Trébeurden, followed by Trégastel, Lannion, St Pol de Léon and Roscoff to finish on the Île of Batz

27-28 JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Malestroit, Festival Au Pont du Rock (rock music festival)

27-29 JULY 2012
FINISTERE - Chateauneuf-du-Faou - Fest-Jazz (Jazz Festival)

28-29 JULY 2012
MORBIHAN - Gourin, Fête de la Crêpe (Pancakes Festival)

28 JULY 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Dol de Bretagne, Folklore Festival

28-29 JULY 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Perros-Guirec, Festival des Hortensias, starting at 6pm, place du Marché (2 days of Breton Music and Dance)

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COTES D'ARMOR - Erquy, Les Mercredis Celtiques, Open-air celtic music concerts in town every Wednesday evening during the summer

1st Sunday AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Pluneret - Noce Bretonne - Traditional Breton Wedding Festival, starting at 10am at the church with various events all day finishing with an evening of breton music (Fest-Noz from 9pm), www.pluneret.fr

2-20 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Quimper, Semaines Musicales, 3 weeks of classical & baroque music

first week-end AUGUST 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Pouldrouran, Pardon of St Bergat, 9pm mass followed by a light torches procession

3-4 AUGUST 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE - Saint-Nazaire, Les Escales (Music Festival)

3-5 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Crozon Peninsula, Music festival du Bout du Monde (reggae, jazz, folk, Funky afro blues music)

3-12 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Lorient, Festival Interceltique, Interceltic Festival (10 days of entertainment across the town, one of the largest celtic festivals not to be missed)

7-12 AUGUST 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE - Guérande, Les Celtiques de Guérande (Celtic Music Festival)

11-12 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Plougoulm, Music Festival Gouel a Eost, www.festival-gouelaneost.com

2nd Sunday AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Beuzec-Cap-Sizun, Fête des Bruyères (Traditional Breton Wedding, Music & Dance)

unconfirmed AUGUST 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Pleudihen-sur-Rance, Fête du Blé et des vieux métiers (Wheat & Old Farming Traditions Festival), www.fete-du-ble.com

12-15 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Plomodiern, Festival du Ménez-Hom (Festival of folklore, music and dance), www.festival-menez-hom.com

10-12 AUGUST 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Saint-Malo, Rock music festival - La Route du Rock Festival in Fort de Saint-Pierre

13-15 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Vannes, Fêtes d'Arvor, www.fetes-arvor.org

15th AUGUST 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Saint-Suliac, Pardon de la mer, www.saint-suliac.fr

14-15 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Porcaro, Pardon de la Madone des Motards

11-19 AUGUST 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Guingamp, Festival de la Saint Loup (traditional Breton music and dance)

15th AUGUST 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Loudeac, Pardon de Querrien

15th AUGUST 2012
SOUTH FINISTERE - Penmarc'h, Pardon Notre Dame de la Joie

15th AUGUST 2012
ILLE ET VILAINE - Bécherel, Troménie de Haute-Bretagne

15th AUGUST 2012
ILLE ET VILAINE - Mont-Dol, Pardon de la Vierge

15th AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Guern, Pardon Notre Dame de Quelven

15th AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Rochefort-en-Terre, Pardon Notre Dame de La Tronchaye

every 15th AUGUST 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Henansal, Harvest Festival with demonstrations of traditional techniques- Fête des Battages

15-19 AUGUST 2012
SOUTH FINISTERE - Concarneau, Fête des Filets Bleus (A festival dedicated to Brittany)

15th AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Barrage d'Arzal, Festiv'arz (Traditional Breton Music and Danse Festival)

15th AUGUST 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Perros-Guirec, Pardon Notre Dame de la Clarté

16-18 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Brest, Astropolis Festival

17-25 AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Douarnenez, Cinema Festival

21-26 AUGUST 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE, La Baule, Pardon de la Baule (Breton Culture Festival with 5 days of traditional dance street parades, fest-noz, religious processions & mass)

22-26 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Ile de Groix, Port Lay, Festival Du Film Insulaire (Film Festival)

24-26 AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Plouay, Grand Prix de Plouay (Cycling race)

unconfirmed usually around the 20th AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Roscoff, Fête de l'Oignon Rosé (Pink oignon festival)

unconfirmed AUGUST 2012
MORBIHAN - Malguénac, Arts des Villes, Arts des Champs Festival (Jazz festival)

cancelled AUGUST 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Bréal-sous-Montfort, Festival du Roi Arthur (King Arthur Festival)

Last week-end AUGUST 2012
FINISTERE - Plonévez-Porzay - Grand Pardon de Sainte-Anne-La-Palud

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1-2 SEPTEMBER 2012
LOIRE-ALTANTIQUE - Pornic, Fête de la Saint-Gilles (Breton Traditional Music and Dance Festival)

1st Sunday SEPTEMBER 2012
FINISTERE - Le Folgoet, Pardon de Notre Dame du Folgoet

1st Sunday SEPTEMBER 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Lamballe, Pardon de Notre Dame de Grande Puissance

unconfirmed SEPTEMBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Martigné-Ferchaud, Festival des Mines d'Or (Festive Music Festival)

31 AUGUST and 1-2 SEPTEMBER 2012
MORBIHAN - Gourin, Bretagne Championship of Traditional Music

unconfirmed SEPTEMBER 2012
MORBIHAN - Trinité-sur-Mer, Happy Baie, a unique nautical festival to celebrate famous sailors and boats, with various events around the harbour and sailing races.

8-9 SEPTEMBER 2012
MORBIHAN - Josselin, Pardon de Notre Dame du Roncier

awaiting for exact date - SEPTEMPBER 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Dinan, La Route du Cidre (old sailing boats race on the Rance river between La Richardais and Dinan)

3rd Sunday SEPTEMBER 2012
MORBIHAN - Hennebont, Pardon de Notre Dame du Voeu

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LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE, Les Celtomania Festival, (festival celebrating breton culture with various events throughout the department during October, visit the website for the full programme)

1st Week-End OCTOBER 2012
ILLE ET VILAINE - Fougères, Pardon de Notre Dame des Marais
St Sulpice Church, mass at 3pm and 6pm, procession at 10.30am the next day and vespers at 4pm.

3-7 OCTOBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Dinard, Festival du Film Brittanique (British Film Festival)

13-28 OCTOBER 2012
COTES D'ARMOR - Lanvellec - Festival de Lanvellec (Baroque and organ music Festival)

20-28 OCTOBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Redon, La Bogue D'or (breton cutural festival with music, dance, story-tellers, etc)

27-31 OCTOBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Saint-Briac-sur-mer, Fête de la Saint-Simon (Saint Simon Festival - concerts, market, exhibition)

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1-17 NOVEMBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE, Rennes/Bruz, Festival Yaouank (Breton contemporary Music and Dance Youth Festival)

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1-4 DECEMBER 2012
ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Rennes, Les Transmusicales (Contemporary music festival)
Visit the website


We are still into a quiet period for major events but there are still plenty of local artists performing which can be checked with your local tourist office.

31 MARCH-1 APRIL 2012
MORBIHAN - Pontivy, Kan ar Bobl competition final, finals of a major traditional breton singing and music competition

15 APRIL 2012
MORBIHAN - Vannes, TRADI' DEIZ, traditional Breton dance competition at the Palais des Arts from 9.30am to 5pm followed by a street parade of 1000 dancers and musicians at 5.30pm

1 & 7 APRIL 2012
LOIRE-ATLANTIQUE - Nantes, MI-CAREME CARNIVAL in the streets of Nantes Town Centre, a major annual event of music, dance, brass bands with parade of colourful floats and carnival heads - Not to be missed !
>> Watch a past video of "Le Carnaval de la Mi-Carême de Nantes"

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9-11 AUGUST 2013
COTES D'ARMOR - Paimpol, Festival du chant de marin (Marine Music Festival)

ILLE-ET-VILAINE - Saint-Malo, Departure of the Route du Rhum sailing race to Guadeloupe (a major event in the sailing calendar taking place every four year)

If you have an event you want us to add, feel free to contact us at with full details. Si vous voulez votre évènement publier sur notre site, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter, .


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