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Travelling by ferry to Brittany has always been a very popular choice. If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland, you have a wide range of ferries crossings to St Malo and Roscoff on the northern coast of Brittany and the nearby Normandy harbour of Cherbourg. We have listed below all the ferry companies with respective departure and arrivals ports with approximate crossing times for your convenience.

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Ferry Crossings to Brittany Ports

Poole to Cherbourg*2 hrs 15mins high speed,
4 hrs 15 mins normal
Brittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourg*3 hrs daytimeBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourg*5 hrs 30 minsCondor Ferries
Rosslare to Cherbourg*17 hrsIrish Ferries
Rosslare to Cherbourg*18.5 hrsCeltic Link Ferries
Portsmouth to St Malo9 hrs daytimeBrittany Ferries
Poole to St Malo4 hrs 35 minsCondor Ferries
Weymouth to St Malo8 hrs 15 minsCondor Ferries
Cork to Roscoff14 hrsBrittany Ferries
Plymouth to Roscoff6 hrs daytimeBrittany Ferries
Rosslare to Roscoff17 hrsIrish Ferries

* Although technically not in Brittany, Cherbourg was included for its proximity and popularity with Brittany's travellers.

You can, of course, arrive at other French ports on the Northern coast, which will require some driving to reach your final destination but you can usually get some cheaper crossings and if you do not enjoy sea crossings, you always have the choice of the Eurotunnel with the shortest crossing of all.

Ferry crossings to northern French coast Ports

Dover to Dunkirk1 hr 45 minsNorfolkline
Dover to Calais1 hr 30 minsSeafrance
Dover to Calais1 hr 30 minsPO Ferries
Folkestone to Calais30 minsEUROTUNNEL
Dover to Boulogne1 hrs 45 minsLD Lines
Newhaven to Dieppe4 hrsLD Lines
Portsmouth to Le Havre5 hrs 30 minsLD Lines
Rosslare to Le Havre21 hrsLD Lines
Portsmouth to Caen6 hrs daytimeBrittany Ferries

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