Castles in Brittany

With the constant threat of possible invasions from England and France, Brittany forged itself of strategic fortified castles along the coast and its border line with the kingdom of France. Several of these imposing buildings have survived the perils of history and are well recommended a visit.


Some fine Medieval Castles

Fougeres Castle in Brittany France
Fougères Castle

The inland defensive line is marked by the towns of Fougères, Vitré, Chateaubriant, and Nantes where medieval castles still stand today. Some of these places are now very well equipped to entertain the general public and families with headphones in English language and story tellers for the children like in Fougères and Nantes.


Brittany keeps the Royal Navy at bay - Coastal Fortifications

The coastal fortifications erected as defence against the Royal Navy were mainly designed by Vauban during Louis XIV's reign with the best example being the Citadel of Belle-Île. The other key strategic locations of the coastal defensive line are the Fort National in Saint-Malo, Fort la Latte in Fréhel on the Emerald coast, the Château du Taureau in Morlaix, North Finistère, and the Port Louis' citadel in Lorient.

Brittany's Aristocracy

Josselin Castle in Brittany France
Josselin Castle ©lavilleautady

During the reign of the Duchy of Brittany, rich families and Breton aristocrats built manors and castles to reflect their wealth. To visit some of these sumptuous buildings, follow the route of "Ducs de Bretagne" which takes you through Morbihan into Rochefort-en-terre, La Roche-Bernard, Suscinio, Vannes, Pontivy, Josselin, Comper and Crévy.


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