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First Oysters Production on the Isle of Sein

13/11/2009 - original news article in French from Ouest-France
Call to oysters enthusiats ! You can from now enjoy the very first oysters of the Island of Sein. Thanks to two local brothers, Ronan and Yann Le Berre , a small production is now running and is proving to be very successful. Grown in plain sea areas, these oysters have been described as with a freshly refined flesh of a powerful iodine taste you only find with wild oysters. A success already with a sold out first 5 tonnes production to the local markets only. With Christmas approaching, demand will increase with Paris' largest resellers already awaiting.

Erquy under the spot light with Astérix's 50th Anniversary

24/10/2009 - original news article in French from Ouest-France
The charming small harbour of Erquy on the Emerald coast is under the media spot light with the release of the new Uderzo's book for the 50th anniversary of his hero. There is a perfect juxtaposition between reality and fiction. Although not proven, many drawings from Uderzo seem to depict Erquy and its area. As a result, for the last 15 years with each release of an Astérix's book, Erquy enjoys its moment of fame from the foreign press like the BBC. Although other surroundings towns like Lannion and Perros-Guirec also claim to be the inspiration source of Astérix's village...

Tourism and the Disabled in Brittany

24/09/2009 - original news article in French from Région Bretagne
Brittany's County Council has recognized and rewarded establisments and organisations of the tourism industry for their efforts in improving facilities for the disabled community. Among the winners were the Rand'Eau Gite Pour Tous in Saint Congard, the "Oriental Express" Touristic Train in Fougères, the Brest Association, the Association OGEC of Plourhan (Trail Glazig organisation), the equestral Centre of Kergomar in Leslay (Pays de St Brieuc), the diving school "Au bord de la terre" in Plouhinec (Pays de Lorient), with a special prize for the Morbihan Tourist Office of Ploërmel in Brocéliande. The 100th national label of "Tourism and the Disabled" was also awarded to the Métairie Ecomusée of Plouigneau in Finistère, better known as the "Le Village Breton".

Brittany 53th Traditional Music Championship in duet - Exceptional results !

07/09/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
Thanks to very good weather conditions, Brittany's 53th traditional music championship in duet was a success not only by the record numbers of spectators but also by the quality of the 200 participants. The event, which took place last week-end in the superb Château of Tronjoly of Gourin, was attended by about ten to twelve thousand of visitors who came to listen of duets of bagpipes and bombards.

Departure of the scientific vessel Tara Oceans

03/09/2009 - original French article from Région Bretagne
The 3 year oceanographic expedition of the vessel Tara Oceans is to finally start this saturday. Leaving from Lorient sub-marine base, Tara Oceans takes on board an international team of scientists who will study the various marine ecosystems during its journey across the globe. Lorient is organising two festive days to celebrate this event.

Figaro-Bénéteau Brittany sailing race

02/09/2009 - original French article from Région Bretagne
This every two year sailing race event will depart from Saint-Malo on 5th September 2009 to finish in La Trinité-sur-mer on the 12th September. During that week, 34 boats with 68 skippers onboard are to sail along the Brittany coast line across five departments with 4 stop-overs.

The French Ministry of Defense is releasing land on the Crozon peninsula to the Coastal Protection Agency

22/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
The French Ministry of Defense has started the progressive release of military land on the Crozon peninsula to the Coastal Protection Agency. This area has long been of strategic importance to protect Brest's military harbour especially during the second world war but it is also an exceptional coastal site of dramatic cliffs and home to rare bird and animal species which need protection. 1500 hectares are to be handed over in the next 10 years.

Controversy with Nantes' Château, a Breton castle or a castle of the Loire Valley ?

15/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
The castle of Dukes of Bretagne, based in Nantes, has just been included in the Unesco's heritage list of the Loire Valley Castles. This news has been described as "shameful" by four cultural and political associations of Brittany. In their views, the last residence of the Dukes of Bretagne has no place in the valley of the French kings who were so often in war with Brittany until its unification with France. From a tourism point of view, Nantes is delighted to be united with the famous Châteaux of the Loire Valley which remains, above all, a tourist map.

Brittany prepares itself for a hot summer of festivals

12/07/2009 - from Brittany Holiday Guide
As the thermometer increases, Brittany is embarking on a hot summer of festivals. From contemporary, classic, jazz and DJ's music to traditional celtic dance and religious processions in full traditional Breton costumes, Brittany's festivals will spice up everyone's holiday. This year's programme include some big names like Bruce Springsteen and Lenny Kravtiz at the "Vieilles Charrues 2009" in Carhaix. Africano music and jazz enthusiats will delight at the "Festival du Bout du Monde" in South Finistère while in August, Lorient will celebrate the Breton culture at its best for 10 days with its renowned "Interceltic Festival" with dances, concerts, bagpipes competitions, parades, story-tellers and much more. For 2009 dates of all major festivals, check our What's On page.

The housing market of Brittany's coastline is showing some optimistic signs

10/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
Brittany's housing market was not immune to the world economic downturn but some earlier indications are showing some signs of slight improvement after the sharp fall of the last 18 months. Since March 2009, prices are said to be back to 2004-2005 level especially the coastline area. The most sought after seaside resorts with past inflated prices like La Baule, Dinard, Bénodet, Erquy and Carnac are now offering some great opportunities and are expected to produce a good long-term return on investment. Interestingly, the Emerald coast and the Côte d'Amour are showing an increase of 4.4% and 6.6% respectively.

Brest - an explosive found while digging the future Tramway line

09/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
While the works are undergoing with the future Tramway line in Brest, 6 tonnes of explosives have been discovered in a old underground German bunker. Situated East of the town, this area used to be rich in bunkers built by the German forces during the second world war as to defend their U-boats base there. These bunkers were typically used as explosives store rooms. With such a rich military past, Brest has become used to deal with such situations and with three more years to go, the Tramway line will surely bring more surprises.

Cragou-Vergam Moors awarded the "Area of Special Interest of Brittany" label

08/07/2009 - original French article from Région Bretagne
The Cragou-Vergam Moors, in the Monts d'Arrée in the heart of the Regional Armorique Park, are the latest to be awarded the prestigious durable ecological label of "Area of Special Interest of Brittany" (Espace remarquable de Bretagne). It rewards 20 years of work from the local farmers to protect and improve their two sites consisting only of moors and peat.

Sea Salt Harvest - a good start for the season

06/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
For the past two weeks, the "Paludiers" (salt harvesters) of Guérande's Salt Marshes, have been keeping busy thanks to a high anticyclone of very good weather. They truely hope that this season will be more productive than to the last two years ruined by storms and lack of sun. Instead of collecting the usual 9500 tonnes pa, the cooperative managed a mere 1200 tonnes during the 2008 summer period. This craft solely depends on a good balance of sunshine and wind. The first signs are hopefull but experienced Paludiers know very well how unpredictable the job is.

Roscoff's famous pink oignons to be soon awarded the prestigious French AOC label

03/07/2009 - original French article from Ouest-France
After 15 years of hard work from its syndicate, the pink oignon of Roscoff is to receive the prestigious "Appelation d'Origine Controlée", AOC label, the first of its kind in Brittany to be awarded to a vegetable. Originally brought back from Portugal during the 17th century, today, the pink oignon annual production accounts for between 1300 and 1500 tonnes.

Brittany's tourism season could depend on last minute online deals

03/07/2009 - original news article in French from Ouest-France
Brittany might be France's fourth largest tourism destination but until mid-June, 30% of summer bookings had not yet been met. It is forecasted that 25% of bookings will be made a week before departure. An increased of online transactions have also been significantly noted especially last minute deals. Far less foreign holiday makers are expected especially from England due to the weak pound sterling and the increase of low cost airline destinations towards the South of France. Luckily, Brittany remains the French's second favourite holiday destination and the number one seaside choice.

Campsites and their entertainment programmes are the holiday credit crunch solution

25/06/2009 - original news article in French from Ouest-France
Campsite holiday packages are on the increase this year again at the expense of property rentals as observed in the Pays de la Loire region. In the current economic climate, they provide excellent value for money especially the ones offering day activities and evening shows. In Loire-Altantique alone, property rental booking has decreased by 15% compared to 2008 but if the weather improves so will the bookings.

Brittany and Loire-Altantique Councils are reinforcing their cooperation

24/06/09 - original news article in French from Région Bretagne
The Regional Council of Brittany and the Departmental Council of Loire-Altantique met again on 24th June 2009 to discuss further their cooperation started in 2005 which currently aims at tourism and cultural projects. The topics of discussion included:
  • The opening today of the exhibition of "Marches de Bretagne" in Châteaubriant until September 2010
  • To promote Brittany worldwide with the annual celebration of Saint-Yves/Gouel Erwan's day on 19th May
  • Update on the promotion strategy of the Breton and Gallo languages

Annual meeting of the European Programme France (Manche)/England

16/06/09 - original news article in French from Région Bretagne
The annual meeting of the European Programme France (Manche)/England will take place in Dinan on the 24th and 25th June 2009. This programme aims to promote the emergence between the 2 parties of a space of common citizenship fostering a sense of belonging to a cross-border area, and endowed with a specific identity. It supports projects from each side of the Channel subsidised by the European Community.

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